Hi there, my name is Chen Song,
and I am a UX designer

Born and raised in China, I pursued my master's degree in the United States for Cognitive Neuroscience. Design is all my passion from childhood, and I started my career as a Web Designer @Optima Ninja in 2018 and in 2019 transited into UX Designer @Mouser Electronics where I have been working for three years. In my spare time, I create illustrations and design magazines for fun. Currently, I am fascinated by Melanie Klein's theory and reading "Inner Life: The growth of the personality". (My secret job is as a part-time counseling volunteer in FASS. If you need Mandarin mental health help for free, don't hesitate to touch me or my organization!)

2019 – Now
UX Designer
User Experience Designer II---2021 @Mouser Electronics

2018 – 2019
Web Designer
@Optima Ninjia

2015 – 2018
Research Assistant
@UT Dallas - Speech and Cognition Lab

2011 – 2015
Studying Applied Psychology and Human Resource Management in Wuhan, China